Spearfishing has become one of the most sustainable methods of fishing for many reasons. One of them is that it is safer for the environment, it doesn’t need bait, there’s no by-catch, the fish live a healthy life and have a fair chance escape, there’s no harm to the surrounding environment, no gear loss and no non-targeted species impact. Spearfishing also doesn’t trash the bottom of the ocean like fishing trawlers do, which are heavy fishing nets that are pulled along the bottom of the ocean to catch a large and unsustainable amount of fish. Spearfishing in Bali is legal, but only whilst free-diving (NO SCUBA) and national parks would be off limits. Our tour includes a boat day trip to either Lembongan Island or Nusa Penida Island and will include a BBQ lunch where you get the choice of eating your freshly caught fish, share with those accompany you on the tour and fish caught by the guide. We offer hotel pick up and will take you to our private boat and make haste to the island of your choice. You might feel like you want to stay on one of the islands and so Lembongan Island is the most popular area to stay in with its beaches such as Mushroom Bay and Jungut Batu. These offer a wide selection of hotels and accommodation. And if you’re looking for something more local, then Nusa Penida Island might be for you as it offers some really beautiful resorts hidden away from the crowds. 


Are you interested in free-diving and being with nature? Are you interested to seek your own food and know where it comes from? Then look no further as our spearfishing and private boat charter experience might just be for you. Our tour is led by local guides who are fully trained in free diving and spear fishing with years of experience. Our boat is docked in Sanur, Bali and is ready to go at any time with all professional spearfishing and free-diving gear included. Feel at ease to catch your fish in a more sustainable way. We've lost appreciation for the food we eat and the natural cycle of putting food on the table. There's more satisfaction knowing that you don't have to go to the local supermarket for your seafood, where you don't know how fresh it is, where it's come from or if it was caught ethically. If you're an absolute beginner, then you'll also learn how to free dive by one of experienced free diving and spear fishing guides. They'll teach you the art of holding your breath under water and how to equalize,  which is a diving concept that involves regulating the pressure in your ear. Many of the fish will be near the seabed, meaning that you will have to practice equalizing and to get within a good shooting range with your speargun which will be providing by your guide. Your guide will also teach you about all the basic health and safety that you need to know during your experience. You'll have a buddy system and be led safety by your specialist guide. You'll also visit untouched nature and meet the friendly creatures of the deep. Aside from chasing your lunch, there are so many places to see such as caves, coral systems and you'll see sea turtles, manta rays and mola mola in their natural habitat.

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Our team will create all conditions for perfect fishing from choosing a location and equipment to providing instructor services.

choice of location by guide

Professional guide

Private boat

providing the necessary equipment


It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this sport requires diving in excellent physical form, as well as the absence of a number of diseases:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Diseases of the central nervous system

Open wounds, skin diseases

High fever

Fatigue or exhaustion